FsXPand 7.1 Basic/FMS - for FsX, Fs2004, X-Plane, Prepar3D
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Select, Drag,Resize over 100 different gauges - Basic 6, Navigation, Piston, Turboprop, Jet or Generic gauges - Glass panels for 737, EICAS for 747, Fokker 70/100

NEWS:  FsXPand.exe 7.1 for FSUIPC5 update (7.1.77) released. Will connect to Prepar3D v4.
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Below is a Full overview of our versions and capabilities and our Installation guide is at the forum.

Featuring Panels

Cessna Caravan Kingair 300 Cessna 172

HSI Bendix HSI Bendix
Boeing 737 NG Boeing 747 EICAS

Fokker 100 EICAS Dash-8 100 Legacy FsXpand Panels

FsXPand/FsClient is a server-client application sending your Flight Simulator data to other computers where your set of FsXPand gauges is shown. You can use server and client on one PC only, but it needs a network adapter. Any combination is possible. Easy interface, no scripting, install and run rightaway. An example:
network setup
Cut a set of suitable holes in your mip and watch the reality of our gauges. All gauges have frames, separately selectable, glass overlays available with or without glare

Overview of the current types in the gauge library

FSXPand FsClient Versions Comparison Chart (you can always find out by comparing all 3 in the full demo download)

Panels Gauges
Basic 7.1  features

Unlimited clients
Generic panel templates, save as template
737NG PFD/ND/EICAS/Condensed/Standby /EICAS2
Fokker 100 EICAS
Baron 58, Cessna and Kingair
Black startup cockpit (selectable feature)
Custom active labels with color and text, build any annunciator
Customizeable - any parameter
Drag, resize
Add custom gauge and labels
Select gauge from type,   create/edit/save from type
Collins & Baron & Cessna gauges, Bendix/King,
Volts, Amps, Vacuum, GPS indicator added
VOR & HSI gauge updated
Regular uploads of new gauges
Import FS saved flightplans
and show them on your ND
All controls available via key commands (editable)
All devices using key commands compatible
All controls available via joystick commands
Rotary encoders via joystick port
Master battery switch - Avionics switch - Autofeather switch - GPS switch added in key and joystick commands list
Using Navigraph AIRAC cycle
Remote panel switching via key command
Gauge needlestops Non-linear behaviour editable
Failure flags are now resulting in the gauge going black
Working Pressure scale on Baron & Cessna ASI
FMS 7.1 extra features
Unlimited clients
Generic panel templates, save as template
737NG PFD/ND/EICAS/Condensed/Standby /EICAS2
Fokker 100 EICAS
Black startup cockpit (selectable feature)
Custom active labels with color and text
CDU gauge with keyboard functionality to be linked to any device sending keystrokes (key cards)
Gauge itself to be shown on an LCD screen or a part of your lower EICAS monitor

Create your route using the CDU gauge controlled by key commands
All controls available via key commands (editable)
CPFlight MCP compatible
All devices using key commands compatible

Using Navigraph AIRAC cycle
Remote panel switching via key command

Future plans
Real layouts
More gauges
737 chronometer
Fokker 100 PFD/ND
Collins PFD/ND

Explicit 3rd party compatibility: key configuration files

Light (no longer available)

We recommend the basic version for building a GA or small commuter cockpit.
The FMS version is suitable for a 737NG flightdeck, featuring an FMS system independent of the actual aircraft type. Stock 737-300 and 400, and PMDG 737NG 700 dynamic model compatible (the FsXPand autopilot, AFDS, is parameterized to suite these types). Though it is perfectly possible to fly a 737 based on the Basic version, loading a flightplan from FS and eventually switch to GPS mode (even from FsXPand) to enable automatic lateral navigation.
The FMS contains also the features of the Basic version, with the exception of the simple flightplan import.

FsClient, showing the panels, can run on any screen resolution. You can resize the gauges automatically to fit your specific monitor size.

Installing on Windows 7 (Vista not recommended, but possible):
First of all, see to it that you are in the Administrators group. Compatibility should have been set to XP SP3 automatically.
Switch off your UAC for administrators, for FsXPand does not run under UAC. If your edition doesn't allow that, use this reg file, or switch it off entirely.
2. Could not write to \\yourcomputername\FsClient\FMS: cause is your permission on
the share created by the program.
- Check your sharing permissions on the
\\yourcomputername\FsClient share: Properties, Sharing, Advanced, Permissions, listed is 'Everyone', click Full control.
- Make sure you have setup your network properly so you can read and write to files on the shares on your computer.
For details, please check the forum section on the subject.

PFD    ND map

This version is modular: it includes a Basic and an FMS part. When starting the demo, you can choose which one to use.
FsXPand Demo version is fully functional, you have 30 minutes unpaused airtime, but you will be nagged by boxes.
Underlying database is updatable and there is an update service for FsXpand available from Navigraph.com.
Basic version is capable of loading an Fs9 or FSX flightplan, showing it in the Navigational Display. 

Please go here for some movies.
Please go here for an overview of the  current FMS functionality.

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